Luxtronic maximum energy saving in public lighting


The unique Luxtronic technology consists in the integration of the Luxtronic intelligent electronic ballast with European high pressure sodium vapor lamps, achieving the highest energy efficiency. No other energy-saving device guarantees the savings provided by Luxtronic, without affecting the lamp conditions or lighting levels set by national and international standards. Read more about us

Why switch to Luxtronic?

There are numerous reasons why it is justified to change the traditional systems of public lighting by the Luxtronic solution, the main ones are:

* 100% Mexican company
* Cutting edge technology recognized by the CFE
* Reduced billing costs for energy consumption (Return on Investment)
* Contribution in reducing air pollutants by reducing energy consumption emissions.
* Preservation or improvement of light levels in roads using less powerful lamps.
* Reduction in maintenance costs when operating ballasts and lamps with longer useful life.

Exclusive advantages of Luxtronic

* The range of broader market operation (180V ~ to 270V ~)
* The ballast with the lowest market losses (recognized by CFE)
* The cycle attenuation can be programmed
* Cycle limited work at a fixed time
* System Is limited to 10 attempts of ignition per cycle